Phil Rowley

Head of Futures, Omnicom

Phil is Head Of Futures at OMG Futures and works with clients to fast-track their future, turning tech trends into innovation accelerator programmes for global clients – including Porsche, Skoda, Unilever, HSBC and Sky Betting & Gaming. He’s authored OMG’s flagship thoughtleadership pieces: Hit The Switch - The Future of Sustainable Business; Thrive - The Future of Wellbeing ; At The Edge – The Next Decade In Tech. His next piece is The Regretaverse - How Brands Can Avoid Messing Up The Metaverse. He’s also delivered keynotes on the future of media and marketing in London, New York, Moscow, Berlin, Frankfurt, Dublin, Rome and Copenhagen, and is a tech advisory board member and guest lecturer. He has over 23 years’ experience from working in tech, marketing and advertising in London, Dublin and Auckland.