Last Year's Agenda

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Overview session: Mapping out the opportunities in the gaming landscape to boost brand resonance and attention

  • What do brands need to know to kickstart their gaming marketing? What is holding brands back from getting into gaming?
  • Reaping the rewards from getting gaming marketing right: gaming and the power of player attention
  • Answering internal challenges: proving the value of gaming marketing to internal stakeholders through measurement


Presentation followed by Q&A session: Elton John, Tommy Hilfiger and creating immersive brand experiences in the metaverse

  • Defining the metaverse - what does the metaverse truly mean for gaming today and in the future?
  • How are brands leveraging virtual gaming environments to find and engage new audiences?
  • Getting your strategy right: choosing the right metaverse experience for your brand to get your metaverse game plan right
  • An area for the future? What can brands do to prepare for the metaverse and set themselves up for success?


Panel Discussion: The Game Plan: How brands can play together with gamers

Explore how brands can authentically connect with gamers, including different approaches for various games and platforms with the appropriate tone, ensuring brands are adding value to the gaming community. Whether you're a newcomer to the gaming world or a seasoned pro, this panel has something for you. Get ready to level up your content strategy!




Fireside chat session: Keeping up to date on the legalities of gaming marketing

  • Avoiding falling foul of the regulations - how to ensure your in-game advertising is compliant
  • Placing priority on consumer and user protection: ensuring your marketing targets and engages the right audience, in the right way
  • How might future legislation impact advertisers?


Presentation session: How brands can nurture the right creative conditions for success in gaming

  • Telling the story so far: Exclusive LIONS data reveals the brands and sectors leading the way in gaming
  • Unpacking best practice: Learn from the success stories of some of the most creatively effective gaming activations
  • Sharing actionable insights: Be inspired by Lion-winners on how to bridge the gap between community, creativity and commercial goals




Panel Discussion: Engaging and understanding your audience: how to communicate with the right communities for your brand

  • What makes a player, a player? Moving beyond the stereotype to widen the opportunities for engagement
  • Communicating with your audience authentically to drive brand resonance, trust and engagement
  • Effective segmentation - deciding who you should target and why
  • Engaging with your audience through the right kind of collaboration: knowing where your target audience is situated and how to target your gaming marketing to them


Case Study Presentation: Practical tips from a charity on navigating collaborations, and connecting with your audience

  • Engaging with your audience: using gaming marketing to resonate and advance brand reach
  • Standing out from the crowd: utilising gaming to its full potential to reach an engaged audience
  • Enhancing credibility and success: curating symbiotic collaborations with streamers and partners to maximise rewards
  • Taking it to the next level: how could game co-development change the game?


SPORTFIVE: How brands can win in the world of esports and gaming

  • Challenging misconceptions: the truth about the audience
  • Why esports and gaming could be right for you
  • How can you get involved and understanding best practise by looking at case studies




FIRESIDE CHAT: Maximising the potential of gaming as a marketing medium in your advertising plans

  • How can brands utilise video games and esports to leverage consumer engagement?
  • Curating authentic marketing campaigns and in-game adverts: ensuring your marketing integrates effectively into environments
  • The future of gaming and esports marketing: what is next?


Panel discussion: Taking gaming to the next evolution: assessing the future opportunities and challenges for brands and advertisers in the gaming channel

  • Exploring the opportunities for brands across multiple platforms - what is the future of mobile gaming for brands?
  • What might new players in the gaming space mean for gaming marketing? How might this change the game and opportunities for cross-platform marketing?
  • Assessing the impact of upcoming legislation on the gaming channel and user protection - what this might mean for advertisers and gaming marketing?
  • Looking to the future: how will gaming evolve in 2023 and beyond?


Close of Conference