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Welcome from Campaign & Chair’s Opening Remarks


KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: An update on the gaming landscape - creating your 2024 game plan to set yourself up for success

In this opening keynote, hear an update on the top themes and trends in gaming going into 2024, and everything you need to be aware of to hit the ground running with your gaming marketing.


PANEL DISCUSSION: Breaking into gaming: how can brands get into gaming and make it part of the media mix?

Breaking down barriers: showcasing the strength and untapped potential of the gaming space, this session will highlight the strengths of the gaming space and areas of untapped potential for brands to dive into if they haven’t already.

ModeratorShauna Lewis, Senior Media Reporter, Campaign


KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: Re-thinking your gaming marketing: the power of contra-marketing, and doing the unexpected

In this session, hear some case study examples from Miai on how you can leverage contra-marketing to create powerful partnerships and authentic content that adds value.





The numbers in gaming are staggering: a global audience of over three billion and an industry worth more than $188 billion. Yet players aren’t always who you think they are. Contrary to popular belief, a significant portion of the gaming audience is made up of women with children, a segment that has remained largely unstudied. In other words – mum’s got game. In this session, Activision Blizzard Media take a closer look at the gamer mum, presenting a clearer picture of who gamers are today while showcasing the opportunity for brands to reach and connect with these economic powerhouses through gameplay.


CASE STUDY PRESENTATION SPOTLIGHT: Building an immersive gaming experience: Lottie London & I Am Proud and Metaverse Beauty Week

  • Bolstering brand presence: harnessing gaming experiences to bring your brand storytelling to life
  • Connecting the physical and digital: creating wearable in-game items to expand the consumer experience
  • Looking to the future - learnings, and what’s next? 

ModeratorBeau Jackson, Media Editor, Campaign


KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: H&M, Walmart, and winning on Roblox

With new records being set every quarter for brands entering gaming, the battle for attention is heating up. So, how have retail giants Walmart and H&M managed to stand out from the crowd on the ever-competitive Roblox?




KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: Ballantine’s X Borderlands: Connecting an iconic character, with an iconic brand to drive positive perceptions among a new audience

In this case study session, hear how Ballantine’s partnered with Bastion to devise the perfect pairing by bringing the beloved character Moxxi to life to drive brand advocacy and resonance, with learnings from the process and key takeaways.


PRESENTATION: Legal Spotlight: Setting yourself up for success against the latest legislative changes

In this presentation session, we’ll be unpacking the legislative landscape to explore what’s happened in 2023, and what you need to be aware of in 2024 to set yourself up for success with your gaming marketing.


PANEL DISCUSSION: Building communities: creating spaces for co-creation and understanding with your audience

  • How can brands authentically reach and engage players? 
  • Understanding how to engage your audience: connecting with players in native environments through valuable content 
  • Co-creation and collaboration: listening to your audience and working with streamers to build valuable partnerships to create content your consumers want

Moderator: Lucy Shelley, Technology Editor, Campaign




CASE STUDY SPOTLIGHT: Creating Impact through Gaming: NSPCC and The Game Safe Festival

In this case study session, hear key insights and takeaways from the NSPCC about the Game Safe Festival and Game Safe Cup:

  • The importance of doing gaming the right way: placing priority on user protection and gaming for good
  • Engaging with and understanding your audience to facilitate authentic interactions and outcomes 

Moderator: Lucy Shelley, Technology Editor, Campaign


HIDE: Coming soon...

Stay tuned…more session information dropping shortly!


CASE STUDY SPOTLIGHT: Tackling consumer pain points with product innovation to capitalise on the gaming moment: Doritos Silent

In this case study session, hear how Doritos took the number one snack for gamers to a whole new level by removing the crunch to eliminate a key consumer pain point, as well as a few of their other gaming activations. 

In this session, we’ll also explore:

  • The power of gaming to drive brand equity
  • Using gaming as a springboard to power brand resonance
  • Gazing into the future: what’s next for Doritos? 


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